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"We are going to invite him to come to Ecuador so he can freely present the information he possesses and all the documentation, not just over the internet but in a variety of public forums," Lucas added.

Ecuador's offer reflects its current government's "not so warm relations with Washington," according to RTT News.

Under the Espionage Act, anyone who has "unauthorized possession to information relating to the national defense" and has reason to believe it could harm the United States may be prosecuted if he publishes it or "willfully" retains it when the government has demanded its return, Smith said.

On Monday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said flatly, "Wiki Leaks and people that disseminate information to people like this are criminals," according to CBS News.

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Green Growth and environmental protection programmes must act as catalysts to create decent work and sustainable livelihoods for the most disadvantaged Polish citizens.

"Every indication is that some of the documentation could relate to national security classified documentation [and] could prejudice the safety of people referred to in the documentation, and indeed could be damaging to the national security interests of the United State and its allies, including Australia."Related: Wiki Leaks: Bradley Manning isn't a criminal. Meanwhile, the Telegraph reported that Assange was lying low at an undisclosed location in London, out of fear that a public appearance could lead to his arrest and extradition to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault.

Early this month a Stockholm court released an international warrant for his arrest, the Telegraph reported. Sources close to Mr Assange admitted yesterday that he had been deliberately kept out of the limelight because of fears that the rape allegations would become a diversion from the story of the leaks.

He was charged in July with crimes that carry a maximum 52-year jail sentence, according to the Telegraph.

The Government favours a neoliberal model of development that has led to growing social stratification and rising pressure on the environment.

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