Foursquare blackberry not updating to facebook

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The problem is, some scanners do not know how to handle this escaped character and break altogether.

If you encounter such problem, select No for Escape Special Characters in v Card, me Card or v Event creation.

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If you are on i Phone or i Pad, I strongly suggest that you ditch your broken scanner and download Qrafter or Qrafter Pro. This way, I hope that developers will be forced to create scanners that obey standards that were established for a reason.Please be sure to read the Notes and FAQ sections below before requesting help in the comments if you encounter any problems with code generation (Especially for Micro QR Codes or backslash characters you may encounter on some codes! This page is very popular and because of that, it gets an incredible amount of comment spam.Sometimes legitimate comments can get caught as spam and I can miss them, so if your comment does not appear for some time, you can contact me from the email address on my contact page.While we are talking on standards, let me open the topic up a little bit more.Sadly most scanners out there do not follow special character escaping standards.

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