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This Funny Games Adult Section provides you with huge array of free adult games and erotic entertainment.This site features free online sex games, clitgames, including internet strip poker porn game, strip blackjack online game, adult flash games, adult oriented hardcore games and puzzles. 'Let's go sign Guy up.' Cani said and walked inside with Natalie, discussing what they'd need to get ready. 'You certainly know how to stir things up.' said Mami as she handed him his water bottle at the runners tent near the start of the marathon course. 'Not something an unwilling person would do.' 'I can't very well slack off now, can I? 'It's become a major publicity event, and I can't set a bad example for humans.' Mami nodded. 'Let's just follow them for now anyway.' Tobias said. Staying here won't help us.' The guys picked up the pace and even felt more confident after running a while without getting into another weird situation. 'Yesterday's run was nothing I'm not used to.' He clenched his jaw to hide the wave of aching shooting through his body. ' *** The organisation loved the idea and the news that a human would participate in a canine event for the first time brought in a lot of attention and sponsor money for the cause. 'Cani started it.' 'You sure have been training a lot during these five days though.' she said, checking the sports bag with supplies. ' said Tobias, the hairs in his neck standing up when he thought he could feel the bear's breath touching his back. 'You know, I don't trust these things much.' 'But there aren't any other signs around.' Tobias said. Maybe someone put those hives there after the route had been set up.' 'Maybe.' Guy said but he doubted it.The path went right and left through the trees, was flanked with thorny bushes at one point and they had to duck a few times to avoid low hanging branches. :-p I feel that certain things could be fleshed out better -- descriptions of the girls and the surroundings, for one -- but overall it's an easy and enjoyable read. 'It must have been a coincidence.' said Tobias later when they could run again. 'Look, there's the route again.' said Tobias at the next red arrow. Panting hard they reached another crossing and Guy stared at the arrow planted there. He gave them a smile and wave back, then noticed a couple of the older female runners watching him and sniggering. The organisation had put him at the front to give the press some good pictures. 'Raspberry bushes had plenty of fruit, but if the outside of the bush had nothing left there was more on the inside if you could live with the drawback.' 'What drawback? 'They're full of nasty thorns.' Guy said, remembering how painful some days had been. A reporter who was at the finish line of the kids marathon had overheard their recount of their adventure and wrote it down. 'Guy's definitely no weakling and he'll give you a run for the money.' 'Hah! 'That, I'd have to see.' Guy held up his hand but Cani stepped in front of him. They kept them away from him for now so he could prepare for the run in relative peace. Ara gave him a wink and Avia a quick wave when they saw he was looking at them. They rushed along the path but despite it being narrow the bear didn't give up, running and growling right on their heels. 'Very sweet.' 'I'll have to try those later then.' Guy said. When they arrived at Cani's parents they were met with more sniggering. Guy read the headline together with Tobias, "Interspecies Conflict Resolved", "Both Lost Big Time".

Guy chuckled and took another sip while watching the rest of the runners. He was at the van with Natalie doing some active stretching. 'I used to eat those in the wild until I got sick.' He chuckled. From the wrong side.' After the other girls arrived they patched the guys up while they told their story of what happened to them, causing them to be the last in the real marathon. Tobias and Guy were glad they were so tired that they went to bed early, skipping an evening of embarrassment and hoped it would be over after a long night of sleep. His soft groaning woke up Feli and she stroked his forehead. 'There's no plans for today anyway.' He smiled gently at her. 'If I had no plans I would have invited you for another run.' Guy bent to lean on the railing while following Tobias down the stairs, his face the opposite of the cheerful tone he forced in his voice. 'But we have enough time to do that later.' 'Sure.' said Tobias, hoping Natalie had something very relaxing planned today.

'For good luck.' she added and walked away with the bag to bring it to the car. His face brightened and he unzipped the pouch he wore. 'Those look like raspberry bushes like we have at home.' said Guy as he took notice of the small bright red fruits in the bushes. Mami crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow watching them for a moment. 'You just crossed the finish line for the little kids marathon. 'Like I've been run over by several trucks driven by squirrels.' he said and chuckled. 'Take your time to get up if you're not sleepy.' she said. 'I could run another marathon if there was the time today.' 'Right.' said Tobias, going down the stairs so Guy wouldn't see the tears in his eyes.

' Cani shouted after him as he jogged out of the gate. 'You're already a bad example because you got yourself intimately involved with five other species already.' He looked at her with wide eyes. 'So you'd better make up for that and prove your man's worth by winning.' she said and gave him a kiss. ' Guy tried to think of something to chase the bear away with, or distract it with, but all he could imagine for that to work was food. 'If we do come across other signs or we see people we can always ask.' Guy nodded. The path went along the side of a hill and they had a nice view of an open area beneath them while their feet got some rest with the softer ground they now ran on. 'I'll bet you feel sore.' he said, pretending to yawn as an excuse for his strained voice. 'No problems at all.' he said, forcing a smile through his agony.

Wheezing loud Guy pointed back at the path they came from. Guy wheezed and gestured along the wider path, Tobias wheezed and nodded, then trod along it with Guy. 'If we encounter another wild animal, I don't have any food left to save you.' Guy said. They stopped at a small clearing while they looked around nervously at the cloud of black and yellow insect surrounding them. 'Yeah, I think that might be it.' A bee flew right in front of Guy's face. Carefully.' 'Agreed.' Tobias said while he looked cross-eyed at a bee who had landed on top of his muzzle. Absolutely no sudden movements.' The two tiptoed in turtle pace away from the hives until they heard not a single buzz anywhere near them, then darted off.

Tobias and Guy stopped running only much later when they crossed a wider path on their way. 'I just don't like anything that might sting though.' Tobias saw one flying in front of him. 'Most do when there's a reason to.' Guy said as he slowed down a little while noticing more bees around them. 'You know, I get a funny feeling in the back of my head.' They jogged slowly forward while the amount of buzzing in the air became louder. 'I think I know what's going on.' Tobias looked behind Guy and nodded.

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