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And even though she wasn’t looking for love – eventually that’s exactly what it turned into.

They had fallen in love and were moving towards creating a life together.

spin-off, contestants Zach Nichols and Jordan Wiseley displayed some unbelievably terrible opinions about women.

When returning from a losing bout in their trivia challenge, Zach and Jordan shared the following cringe-worthy back-and-forth: Tags: disgusting!

Mutual friends introduced them and after a brief exchange of “hello”s Jenna and Zach went their separate ways.

She was in her last semester of nursing school and the only thing she wanted was to focus on graduation. But as the weeks passed, she kept receiving Facebook messages from the Zach guy she met that night and despite her not wanting the distraction of a guy in her life – his persistence got the best of her and she agreed to go out on a date. She distinctly remembers what he wore and where they went, but what she remembers most is how she couldn’t wait to see him again.

Zach seemed very nervous going through security, but Jenna didn’t pay much attention to it as all the commotion and crowds of people were overwhelming.

By the time they got through security the warmth of the museum and the crowds of people were getting to Jenna and she was already ready to leave.

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In addition, while reality fans have been craving All-Star seasons for both Survivor and Big Brother, The Challenge delivers on this promise in each of its incarnations.

It’s very hard to bet against Banany, but for some reason and with the influx of rookies this season…

KNIGHT & JEMMYE Knight and Jemmye met during “Real World: New Orleans” where they fell for each other and moved in together after filming ended.

She felt a bit crabby after the ordeal, and to cheer her up Zach mentioned “How about we go to Love Lock Bridge? Love Lock bridge is a seemingly average bridge, but what makes it special is the thousands of locks that have been fastened to it with wishes or sentiments to a loved one.

Tradition is that you put your “love lock” on the bridge and throw the key in the river showing your love is unbreakable and intertwined forever.

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