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Failure to comply may result in the suspension of your account.The seller cannot add a Buy Now price once bidding has started.It is far from the first time he has used the word ‘mong’.

In fact, the authorities who passed his name on to Lancashire’s education department seemed oblivious to the fact the child whom he had offended was not brown or black.

It was horribly cruel language, and something which no TV producer would have contemplated allowing on TV, before or after the 9pm watershed.

Go to Channel 4’s website and you will read the usual platitudes about ‘diversity’.

He was a white boy by the name of Brown, who had taunted Harrison by calling him a ‘sausage boy’ in reference to his Teutonic surname.

Of course, it is right that schools tackle racist and homophobic bullying, and that might include reprimanding children calling each other ‘gay’, even when they are using the word as a general insult — against another boy who might, for example, be wearing unfashionable trainers or have just missed an open goal in a playground soccer match — not as a reference to their sexuality.

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