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To shed some light in this context, the next time you’re in the middle of a conversation with him (not over the phone please!), just show him this piece and ask him if he’s a phone person or not.On the other hand, when women talk, they tend to wander and spread out like a wide, meandering river.What starts off as plans to catch a movie may go into an all night sobbing marathon of broken hearts!Or it could be the mole in one of your butt cheeks.The reason behind why he dislikes you could be several, but then the reason behind him not speaking over the phone is simple enough.And what can we men chat with women on an hourly or less-than-hourly basis? Almost all conversations on the phone consist of repetitions of “Hey, what are you doing? What I figure, and what a lot of men figure, is that phones should only be used when you actually have something to say. ” may be sweet, but asking us to talk about something beyond that is pure nightmare!

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You have no face to look at, no body language to read. A man can lose his confidence fast in these situations because phone conversations become entirely about what one says, rather than what one does.You love speaking over the phone, but the man in your life can’t dream of doing the same.So what is the real reason behind why men hate talking on the phone? Is it because you forgot to pay your bills on time, or is your cell phone low on battery, or are you way too tired to even take your heels off before you hit the sack? You didn’t call because you didn’t want to, which is the bottom line. From my conclusion, I guess there’s no real difference in phone etiquette when it comes to men and women, we just have different perspectives.There really are a lot of things he could rather do, to be quite frank.And these other things are stuff he has to do anyways. [Read: Questions you should never ask your guy] He doesn’t like you This is the last straw of not answering calls.

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