Rus not updating new users

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"Imagine one day Obama's the host or Elon Musk is the host or the product director of Nike is the host and all twelve questions are based around footwear," said Carl Sorvino, creative director at international marketing agency MWW.

For now, there's Carpenter, who agreed to meet with at HQ's HQ in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan this week.

Carpenter hadn't played the game — yet — but she'd heard about it through word of mouth and agreed to an audition. It's just about when you're in the limelight you have to have tough skin," Carpenter said.

Carpenter impressed the HQ team, said Yusupov, who noted he still has her audition tape on his phone. "These are the same things people might have said in their living rooms when there was no internet." HQ's team does moderate the chat and can ban players from it.

HQ doesn't have to be a TV show with one iconic host.

Adding more personalities sets it on the path to be a much larger network.

It doesn't happen often, but obviously it is the reverse of the problem you are encountering.'s Claire Mc Near is thinking about it and probably so are about hundreds of thousands of other people who have played HQ, the mobile trivia game stopping employees from working globally, over the past few months.Scott Rogowsky, HQ's first host, has wooed the world (okay, parts of it) with his witty banter during the daily trivia games.Carpenter is quite familiar with the neighborhood, the camera, and the hustle. One HQ player changed her Twitter bio to "Sharon Carpenter's #1 fan," Carpenter told me. I love your new app: it's nice to have some trivia fun splashed into my daily routine.She moved to New York City from England in 2000 and has since worked as a journalist and on-air personality with BET and CBS, among others. I was wondering if you could remind people that they should consider what they type in the chat?

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