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Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa" created the duchy of Silesia in 1163 and the duchy of Pomerania in 1181, both within imperial territory.

This stabilisation of the empire's eastern borders reduced the need for "March" jurisdictions to defend borderland areas.

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His relations with his Slav neighbours must have been relatively peaceful as two of his daughters are recorded as having married Slav princes.Nevertheless, the Annalista Saxo records that he was deprived of the dignity (in 983) in favour of Lothar [III] Graf von Walbeck after the Slavs destroyed the churches of Brandenburg and Havelberg and relapsed into paganism.The Nordmark is described as the March in the "Gau der Heveller", and must have existed in parallel with the Slav rulers of the Hevelli (see Chapter 2).A lengthy dispute over the inheritance of Graf Rudolf was finally settled in 1157, when Markgraf Albrecht receiving the Pltzkauer territories.It is likely that the Nordmark was around this time assimilated with Brandenburg, both being ruled by Markgraf Albrecht, although the primary source which confirms that this is correct has not yet been identified.

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