Updating the content type failed infopath

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We didn't touched the default threshold of 5000 item.Unfortunately our list contains more than 8000 items. Other lists which doesn't reached the limits are working fine.I ended up bulding a list and added all the content types to the list; which created all the columns on the list.I then used the Lists web service to get the list, Query for Internal name and Display name and created a Share Point list with the output. I enjoyed your Nintex Forms presentation in Dallas on October 20th, in Dallas!We iterate through the internal field name Collection and build up the XSL needed. The result is XML for all the items in the list that match the selected Content Type.Finally, the Query XML action is used to transform that XML into CSV, using the XSL that we have built up. Here's the workflow that has the UDA in it and it is followed by a Web Request action to PUT the CSV into a new file in a document library on the current site.This state will query the list and find all the valid content types for this list.It will then pull out the content type ID of the content type provided to the UDA from the Workflow that is calling it.

Since this is based on getting all the items of a specific content type, in order to find out the internal names of the provided Fields, we'll need to get information on this chosen content type.

Redesigning a workflow for each list makes no sense.

This post explains how I went about building a User Defined Action that I can use to convert any list in my farm to CSV format and then store that in a document library, email it, store it in a database or even sent it to a web service.

Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (401) Nicht autorisiert. As for filtering, are you trying to do it with XSL, or after you've opened the CSV in Excel? cheers, Vadim Hi Vadim, this is a great post - as always. The only problem I'm facing is that I'm not able to get more than 1000 items exported. I've tried to use the standard Share Point functionality "Export to Excel" and here I'm getting no more than 1000 items. Could it be a issue that we are using Share Point Foundation?

Many thanks Sven Hi Vadim, thanks for your response.

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